Game Day

by Makeshift3

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released June 6, 2001

Micah Records


all rights reserved




Makeshift3 is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

Makeshift3 began in 1995 and specialize in a mix of blistering Metal and hook-filled Pop Punk. Makeshift3 has played at the Vans Warped Tour, released 4 full length albums, YouTube music videos, & have been on multiple national tours. They are currently open to offers for a 5th album/EP. ... more

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Track Name: Congratulations, You're Beautiful
She walks in the room, her nose in the air
All jaws drop, the guys just stare
Perfect complexion, a perfect smile
The spotlight's on her, but meanwhile
Her friend sits by unnoticed
By admiring eyes
But God sees more than make-up
He sees what's beneath the outward disguise
The beauty outside
Sullied by pride
So fine
Congratulations, you're beautiful
And full of yourself
Some friend you are
A cross on your neck
But hers on her heart
So golden now
Track Name: Nicolaitan Mind
You think you could make things better (make things right)
With a Nicolatian mind
But there's only one truth out there
Not bent with lies
It seems as though the world has crumbled down
By a Nicolatian mind
By a Nicolatian mind
What causes you to fall down
Shouldn't be the brace that holds you up
You've paved your path for way too long now
It's time to give it up
A pick and choose belief you follow (nothing true)
It's the Lord you have denied
And now you stand before the Healer
One hurt inside
It seems as though the world has crumbled down
And turned into a tragedy
By a Nicolatian mind
By a Nicolatian...
Track Name: Xero
The conversation's right
For once it's not a fight
I've been waiting
But I'm hesitating now
I have so much to say
But I'm too afraid
Today I missed my chance
But please don't turn and go...
Dear Lord refine this rust
In you I trust
To make my words just as gold
To be the one that's strong
Am I the weakest link
In a chain of strength that proclaims the good news?
Will I withstand?
I want to be the link
That can hold the weight of opposition
Have I missed my chance?
I'm rusted
I want to be strong (I'm so afraid)
Track Name: Bumble Bug
Just look at your life
Through the eyes of a child
Holding onto the hand
That gave you your life
The hour is near
The time is now
My shoulders can't bare
The weight of this world
With you standing on top
And looking so down
All that pain
With a simple way out
You look up and shout
Can you hear me now?
Did you see me cry when I hurt so bad?
Do I belong?
Can I believe?
Talk of unfair
And speak to the Son
Who paid the full price
For the sin of this world
Track Name: Rising Son
Lord Jesus, love of my life
I bow surrendered
Your light has shined upon me here
I close my eyes, I'm blinded by the Son
And now I stand, by your side
A promise of peace, a promise of righteousness
I want to be a faithful son
Oh Lord, take me back home
I'm staring at the Son and where I once was blind
I now can see, the sacrifice you made for me
Soon the world will acknowledge your name
Rapture nearing
Risen, Anointed One
Holy, Glorified
Track Name: Paper Dolls
Why am I, always in the way
You just sat there mad at me and stared away
I thought we helped each other out
Guess not, since all we do is scream and shout
We don't need this in our lives, just the faith in One
God has shown us what is right, let His will be done
Now we moved ourselves along
Knowing deep inside He'll help us find the one
Because I've seen better days
Relationships are what make us stray
Invested so much time in knowing you
Was it worth the wait?
You've torn me from the love I've grown to know
I gave it all away...away
Why is it so hard to say,
"I can't be here no more, you caused me pain."
I thought we helped each other out
Guess not, since all we do is scream and shout
Always in the way
Always in the way
He has shown me that I don't need you here to stay
Space has helped us not to sink
With our lives with Him and the way we think
Track Name: Snapper
Darkened eyes
Will so weak
Pain inside
The time spent now
The time we've spent wasting
Trust- why trust a lie we've heard before
Slip- slide back to when this meant nothing
Pure- pure and simply the things we've done wrong
Wait- the time spent waiting, the patience paid off
The time spent now
The time we've spent wasting
Darkened eyes
Will so weak
Pain inside
Guilt soaked deep
Trust, slip, pure, wait
One, love, lose, pain
Trust, slip, pure, wait
One, love, lose, pain
Track Name: Racecar = racecaR
It's so simple to believe the lies
And I can see the reasons why
There's nothing interesting about anything
That doesn't twist the truth
If it's been said, does it make it true?
It hurts so bad inside, I wish you only knew
Anytime, Anywhere
Rumors burning down a bridge once there
Friendships lost in lies
Ashes sit, through life
Your're slamming down, the gavel right now, on me now
The weight has crashed, the judgment has been passed, on me now
A once clean slate has now been marked
We've been labeled from the start
Track Name: Confusion
It seems so hard for me
To look back and remember
All the times we shared with each other and now
The times have changed
On one or another
Why can't it be the way it's supposed to be?
I see, the way it's supposed to be
Now you're so confused
I want to help you find the truth
Everyday I sit by myself
Look back and remember
All the times we spent with each other
And now the times have changed
But not for the better
Why can't you be the way that you use to be?
He has shown you a light
That will last forever
But you threw it aside like it was not there
Your mind has changed
But not for the better
Why can't you be the way that you use to be?
Mistakes are made
They're in the past
It's time to change
In time it's coming near
Mistakes are made
They're in the past
It's time to change
On your own
Track Name: Angel's Wings
From your hands,
To this world
She's meant everything to me
And now I know,
Sometimes you show,
The beauty of life through the dark days,
Of winter's cold
And through her life,
You've let me live, again and again for You
Embraced in Christ, the savior reigns in glory so high
Again, you gave, you gave me life
In love, you gave, you gave her life
But even though,
The leaves will fall,
A seed was left deep down to grow
And He will bring, the joy of spring
Because the Son has shined again,
on Angel's wings
Track Name: Circus
I saw you yesterday
Your head held high
The soul within your heart
Has surely died
Then I turn to you
And I see
The way life chose you
To be this way
I want to pray for you
And we know
That you've lived life through what we know
What you've done in the past has emptied your heart and left a hole
You need to refuel and take a grasp and open your soul
Souls filtered out feels like being dead
The only thing left are wilting roses on your bed
Your hands have been tied by the chains of your life
And your eyes have been blinded by the world
It seems you've lost your strength to carry on
Breaking free is what you must become
You need to break free
From the chains that bind you tight
When you come to
It will open your eyes
Your soul has been filled by the One who calls you home
He has filled that void that has been left empty so long
Now comes the time to reunite your soul
Track Name: In Memory
I remember times with you
Your arms use to hold me close at night to comfort me
Why did you have to go, away?
Now I think there's nothing left for me
I'm so glad you're in my heart, to stay
It's hard to think about the time we spent together
Why did it go, we move on
I wish to see the time in which we'll be together
I want to know, but we move on
And soon our lives will be one
Can you, see me, I dream, it be, better, up there, I miss, your stare
It hurts, so bad, I can't, relax, I want, to know, how to ease the pain that's grown
You have been my life for years
It's hard to let go of my tears
Track Name: Road Less Traveled
Life's so hard to understand
We seem to live on the things that run this world
There's been two paths for us to follow
But only one will help and lead you to the truth
I can see the roads beside me
Wondering which road will lead me to my life
I want to be the one to follow
But some steps in my life have been led astray
Now there's been a choice
In which path to take
Reaching out your arms I choose my fate
Both roads are tempting me
Now I know and see
Only one be walked and will set me free
The path to light is long and narrow
With some hard times along the way
Your grace and mercy will serve to guide us
In the search of eternal life we'll stay.
We're close to the end
I look back and see
The well-worn path has ceased to be
Now i give to you
What i promised to
Giving you what i have had in me
The roads in life and mind are painful
In the end which will serve you right
And you can be with Him forever
If His path is in your sight
Track Name: Twinkie Fingermuffins (featuring Lexie Imus)
Better? Slower? Okay
Don't laught at me
Don't watch
Better? Slower? All right
Better? Donde esta ah he?
Is it all right if I just stop whenever I want?
Track Name: Go Big Cheese!
G.O. let me hear you say goo goo
That's right you knight let me hear you say fight goo
W.I.N. let me hear you say win
Together again go big cheese
My pancreas hurts

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