Fuel for Life

by Makeshift3

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    Makeshift3 is now available worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, etc., and are back with their 2nd full-length record that will remind their fans why they topped many charts over the years! Fuel for Life offers a unique blend of musical genres while remaining very catchy and hard to pass up. With fast-melodic guitar riffs, technical drum beats, and an original vocal style, this is one album that will keep you mesmerized for countless hours. This album is a must for true fans of rock, metal, punk, alternative, and pop.

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released June 6, 1999

Pious Records


all rights reserved




Makeshift3 is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

Makeshift3 began in 1995 and specialize in a mix of blistering Metal and hook-filled Pop Punk. Makeshift3 has played at the Vans Warped Tour, released 4 full length albums, YouTube music videos, & have been on multiple national tours. They are currently open to offers for a 5th album/EP. ... more

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Track Name: Pokety Poke
Running through life and every couple of days
Thinking about taking the time to stop and pray to the One
That has just been left behind
There's time for jobs and there's time for friends
Oh no! It must have happened again
Sunday has come and gone and so life moves on
So fast in life
But so slow with God is this
What we've become
What if He were to say "I'll listen another day. Too bad, all my time is gone."
Life just moves on
Put Him first like He does you
And take the time to give love to the One
You should never leave behind
Priorities can ruin you life if number one isn't Jesus Christ
To Him my life does belong
Who died on the cross to save this world from being lost?
And in return what have we done to show our love for Christ the Son
A material world with some lazy faith makes a weak foundation that's sure to break
Because inside we crumble behind facade
Being slow with God is like a fuelless car
Trying to keep on driving trying to go real far
Even though we can't keep going on
Track Name: Church Boy
United we stand in the body of Christ
Even when on our knees in prayer
A bond stronger than steel
Which is joined to our hearts
By our love for our God
With all the ways I messed up yesterday
God forgives me of them just the same
I've accepted Christ into my life and I take joy
In knowing that God forgives and
He won't destroy this Church Boy
Erased of the mark
Sign of my sins
Acquitted on all accounts
How do I return the blessings you give me?
Dear Lord am I worthy?
Forgiving yesterday
Erasing all the pain
Help us go the right way
In our lives today
Track Name: King of Kings
King of Kings
Lamb of God on the cross was sacrificed
Son of God and through Him we are purified
In His hands a couple of nails were pounded through
When's the last time someone chose to die for you?
Let alone everyone in this world we live today and all those still coming
We sin so much and even though we tend to stray
You still forgive when we act this way
And when our lives drift to wrong and sinful ways
You show the light
Crooked paths go straight
Not living our lives in terms of morality
Is this just our way of trying to repay for the gift You gave to those who believe enough to say, "Jesus is God. He's the only way."
I know when I'm down You pick me up and dust me off
And when I look around I see the trials through which I've gone
And know that You were always there being the lamp for my path through the darkest days of life even before I saw the light
Before my walk with You
You still walked with me
And this beating in my heart reminds me it's for eternity
Track Name: Against Any Wall
The time has come to start and live your life for what it should be
Stop and check and make sure that this is what He wanted for you
Now and again you'll slip but He will always be there to catch you
No matter what you think He'll always be there right by your side
And I know that I've tried but I've seen all those sins start to cloud my life
And now I'm here beside You feeling the guilt from the things I do
Lead my Your way
Never let me stray against any wall or if I start to fall I can reach for You
Thank You God for giving me a second change to start things over
Now my life is lived for You my God my Lord and Savior
Give me strength to spread Your Word and not be silenced by another
You died for us and took our sins away so that we could live with You
Track Name: For Alyssa Milano
Now that you've gone too far
Is it so great?
You've shown everything but God says it's not too late
You've made some mistakes but so have we
It's what you do now that can save your morality
Alyssa not like a blister
It doesn't really matter what others think as long as you're pleasing God
I'm not trying to judge or bring you down
I'm just trying to pick you up because God gave you life
You should live it right
So please re-evaluate what you're doing
Now's the time to change and re-arrange the priorities you've lived by
You say that attraction is what it's for
The guys you attract see your body and nothing more
I wish you could see that and figure out
Turtlenecks prevent the accidental falling out
Track Name: With or Without
I've seen your pretty face and you think I'm such a waste
But I know that I am still loved
I know you'll never be the one right beside me
But I've got something that I know
God will always love me even if I don't have you feeling the same way
Why is it so hard for me?
Why can't I let it be?
Just to be with you would be such a dream come true
But if it doesn't happen I will always know that I'm not here alone
Most that I've wanted for me are those things I don't even really need
But I know that God's love is all I need
And that's enough for me even though it can be hard to see
Track Name: 90210
Kelly has the coolest hair
Steve wears designer underwear
Donna is on her daddy's show
Valeria has a pig pug nose
They're OK in a plastic way
Being something that they're not
They go to school and act so cool
But I guess that's how it is on 90210
And they laugh at me
And they think that they can see
The way to get to cool
But that's just fine with me
David's life is all messed up
Brandon wears so much make up
Brenda's got to be ready at eight
Because Dylan's going to take her on a date
So many want to be what they think is non-conformity
But if that's what they all are
What makes it a brand new start?
Track Name: Soup or Hero
You've been looking so hard to find that one
But now you've ended up with Mr. Wrong
To you he always talks so smooth
Behind your back he plans out what he's going to do
Because to him you're just a stupid girl
He says you're like a billion others in the world
A body with an annoying little quality of having a mind with two eyes to see
That he's been playing you for a fool
A wolf disguised in coats of wool
You're starting to see his other face
He's the cat after the mouse just for the chase
Don't be deceived by his cape
He's no superhero
He comes to you in the time you're low
He starts playing the part of the saver role
You put your heart into his hands
Just to be crushed by his immoral plans
But to God you have always meant so much more
He sees you as pure and worth waiting for
Don't give up virginity just to fit into society
Just like God's word is a fact
It's a one-time gift you can't exchange back
A boyfriendless lady in distress but it's not that way
You're a child of God
With Him you can go up up and away
Track Name: Burp Gun
When everybody is telling me "I know what you're going through."
It makes me wonder if they really have any sort of clue
That's when I turn and start to pray to you
You always know
When things are going down
When your life's stuck in the ground
Who is always there?
Is there anyone looking down watching the world go around?
God is always there
He lends a helping hand through the master plan
He always cares
There's only one who hears what I've been praying for
He's the ones who cares so much for me
Waiting for You're return I know that I am not alone
For that glorious day will come when I see You on Your throne
The problems that I have shouldn't be significant to You
But You still take them to heart and help to guide me through
So exalted is our Lord and Savior
You always know
Track Name: Runner Up
I just set myself up when I fell so hard for you
I thought I was number one when I was really number two
That's when it all changed when you found someone else
You left me far behind
I sure hope you pleased yourself
Now that you've moved on who will help me do the same?
Who will tell me that it's all right and that I'm not the one to blame?
We both know I'm just a runner up in your eyes
But please don't go even though I'm just some second place prize
This one goes out to all those who've heard those lines from that special one you love
Like a Charlie Brown Valentine
Rejection at its best
Even though it feels the worst to hear them start to say any of the lines in this next verse:
"I'm seeing someone else."
"I think we should just be friends."
"I really like you a lot but please don't call me again."
"If we had known each other before things might have changed."
But now I'm number one and number two just isn't the same
It seems to always end the same
Just another rejection game
Another time that I got tossed
I guess that I've lost
When you think that you're counted out or it's time to hang up the gloves
Don't start throwing in the towel
Look for inspiration above
I don't know why I used all the boxing metaphors
It's just another way to say, "Jesus loves you more and more."
Go ahead and go
I'm not a runner up in His eyes
Leave me alone because I'm not your second place prize
Since you stole my heart can you give it back today?
Because you never really cared
You will just throw it all away
Instead I'll give to God what I should have all along
The love that's in my heart
Jesus, to you it all belongs
God's eternal care
Amazing amounts of grace
Unconditional love lifting me out of this low place
Death is not an end
In fact it's just a start of Heaven's eternal life because I've got Jesus in my heart
From Him I will never part
God's only begotten Son
I guess that I've won
Track Name: Better Days
I remember back when days were so dark
I had turned into a cynic, black heart
I began to question everything, anything
But from friends I heard the words
The Gospel Truth
And I thought, "What is this about some guys who died for my sins and could save my soul, too?"
Could this be I wouldn't see
Heaven above, eternity
How could I have missed this certainty?
Because to me I thought I would since the world said I was good
Without Jesus Christ I never could
So then I thought, " I want to see Heaven."
Eternally, I accepted Christ into my life because I believed
Nothing has ever done the same as the change I made on that day when I let Jesus in my heart
And my life had a brand new start
My days with Christ shall never part for anything ever
The start of better days
Now I live in God's ways
Born again to praise You
There's nothing I can't do
Track Name: Sugar Pill
You think it's safe
You think it's smart to fill your life with the things of this world
Temporary satisfaction
Fleeting at the-
Most of the time is seems so cool
It seems so right
Placebos of you life not filling up that void still leaving you empty inside
Wasting all your life
Substance abuse
But all you need is God and spiritual youth
When I'm feeling lonely there's one to show me treasures in life
Pleasure in life
Through prayer and praises I've filled these spaces without ruining my life with sugar pills
Now have you seen it's all a loss?
Without God your soul is lost
Temporary satisfaction found in your ways of life that aren't right
Don't rely on placebos for your strife not filling up that void
Still leaving you empty inside
Track Name: One Time
It's what you say
It's what you're fighting for
To get your point across you've got to stand up and fight some more
So worthy is the Lamb
Battalion of belief
Armed with word, book, brain, and heart
Most of the time it seems like it's us against the world
But we know we are in the right backed by our Lord Jesus Christ
One time my friend
With sharing the word can be the start
Speaking from inside
Plant the seed that turns heads and hearts
Are we just content in the promise of where we'll go?
Or is it a drive inside to have this same thing for them to know?
A spiritual war of non-violent acts
The winners being the ones who choose to follow God's narrow path
Time ticking down
Have you made your choice of where you want to spend eternity?
A witness of God's gift and through this blessed seed can grow faith
Track Name: Hiyayda Martian 2
Judging what others do
Haven't you ever sinned before?
I find that God sees into the self-righteous transparent core
If I were to take the thoughts I judged you by and looked into the mirror and said those exact same things right back into my own face it would be the same thing
Because for me to judge on the sins we both commit is wrong
I'd have no right
I'd be a hypocrite
If an alien were to come down today
Would he know who God is by watching your ways?
Would he know about Lord Jesus Christ from the example you set in your everyday life?
Would he know?
Would you show from the ways you live today?
Stunning a box of glue
Why not give it a Valentine?
A thermos
A place for Q
A pillow to walk the line
Track Name: Pretty Snails
Track Name: Tea Cup

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