Fluorescent Black

by Makeshift3

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francescolenzi Because is a fresh album with positive vibes
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loveyourenemiesrecordsfanaccount I didn't think you could mix punk and metal. Then I heard Makeshift3. Technically proficient and sick punk stuff. MS3 rocks Favorite track: Et Tu Agnaetus Copinious.
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released June 6, 2005

New School Records


all rights reserved




Makeshift3 is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

Makeshift3 is an American rock band founded in 1995 and specialize in a mix of blistering Metal and hook-filled Pop Punk. Makeshift3 has played at the Vans Warped Tour, released 4 full length albums, YouTube music videos, & have been on multiple national tours. They are currently open to offers for a 5th album/EP. ... more

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Track Name: The Darkest Night of the Soul
The moon has quit this night, I'll wait for you, Ignite my path Lord
Burning my heart again with you, Son Light...
Shine down upon those things not seen, in faith, a hope of substance
To lead with evidence of home securely
Lights out, blacked out, light sound
The darkest night has settled in
Lights out, blacked out, light sound
The nails in your hand and the hammer in mine
I learned to crawl, you blessed my walk, I'd slip, and start to stumble
You caught me every time I'd fall, safety...
Now that I've grown you lead the way and now I run to keep up
I've fallen so far behind in darkness
My yoke is weight down by my sin, I'm blinded to this redemption
Give my life into this, turn around to face this redemption
Track Name: Irish Sky
Take all the times, I wonder about you
Please give me just one chance, deliverance
To tell you one last thing
I see you in my dreams
You're going home
I wish that I could see
Your face once more
Irish sky, rising tonight, all those signs
Breathing life at it's full, praising God with each blink
The best that you can is better than you think
And when we stared to the sky we saw a star fall and rise
God took this time for you to shine so much brighter now in the Irish sky
Glorified, rising tonight, born to die
There's one scarred in Heaven, sacrifice that bleeds true
With holes in your hands, you'll not let me slip through
Glorified, in your eyes
Irish sky, in your eyes
With the greatest love, He has engraved your name
Exalted high above to carry all our blame
I know that I will wait, I know I'll wait for you
You have embraced this night and helped to get me through
Stare at the sky, wait for a sign
Blink of an eye, this Irish night
Stare at the sky, wait for a sign
Blink of an eye, on this Irish night
Track Name: Nine Year Love Story
This love has taken all of me whole
Forever it stays in my soul
Watching out for each other now
You bring me my life each time you're around
You're always there to show me
Dry off the tears so I see
Every time I fall
I know you're there to catch me
You are always here
Wash away my fears
Bringing back the light
You always make things clearer
It's raining, tears of joy on my heart
Soaking them in feel the pierce of a dart
Arrow thrown from your hand
It catches my side as I fall in the sand
This is love on my heart
Growing everyday
Don't let it go away
Let it all fall in place
Living for today
It will never go away
Every time I turn around
The breeze falls onto my skin
As it softly whispers gentle words from your mouth
Then I realized you've always been with me there in my heart
Those brown eyes set my mind with memories of you
This time we spent draws me closer to you
I cry love for you
Since the day that we have met
Everyday draws me that much closer to you
I want to be right by your side
Track Name: Cut, Poison, Burn
Your mind is poison
In times of need and desperation
You've filled your mind
With struggles of this world
Black heart
Cry it out, now
Let it out, now
Figure out, how
Filter out, now
Watch it all fall away
Let it all fall today
Watch out for
Your eyes
Are burning
Don't look around
Lusting eyes
Your soul will crack
And blind you from this world
Cry it out, now
Let it out, now
Figure out, how
Filter out, now
Stray no more now
Track Name: Affliction of the Girl
Forty million just all stare into our eyes
And now our failure is too clear, the cold apprise
Shadows cast much beyond what you'll ever know
You deserve more than that which you've been told
You're not alone...
Moments quickening here now, motion inside
A choice previously found, with who in mind?
In this wishing well, a coin of farewell
Sinking here, one wish next year
But no one celebrates just to know that a heart so soft
Can break so simply
In Heaven, all prepared, with forty million questions
Always, always know
There is, there is hope
For just, for just once
To make, to make this, to make this true
There will come a day, we're staring face to face
And trying to run away, no longer is the case
Track Name: Vixer
This ledge is growing small, the slants increased its grade
The glass reflects my heart, windows, boarded
A shard has cut my palm, I'm slipping off this wall
One step, lost life, I can't hold on too long
I'm letting go, to all those who could not give me all that I know you are
I'm holding on, to all the dreams and visions you drew upon my heart
I'm seeking answers now, afraid of what I'll hear
I've tried to get inside, shut out, closed off
My grip is slipping fast, held strong on the weakest ground
Cornered, falling, how did I end up here?
The way you took the way I see the way you changed what I seek
The way you took my hand, helped me to understand
How can I hide? How can I keep the truth locked inside of me?
How can I try to ignore when you cried with me before?
Here we are forever, as the rain and tears have blend together...
I try to live through you
Track Name: Locked Inside A Cell
I try
To let my mind go free
Why cry?
When he has let you see
Breaking down
My mind is crushed by evil thoughts
They tear me down
My head is hitting the ground
This knife is raised
The blade slips through my trembling hand
Shaking, I stand
Does this show just what faith demands?
And what I lack?
I'm running, I'm running scared
A death delay
Laconic, with a blank stare
Tumbling fast(er than this vengeance)
Fourteen years
Locked inside a cell
And now there's no one here
I think I feel you near
I cry tears
Track Name: Vilification In Outline
With 25 lines, twist the sonnet that was mine
You've taken notes, you've taken quotes, you'll take a knife right to my throat
The arguments the same, "Murder in his holy name."
Evasion, ready fire aim
All we wanted, all we needed
Found in Christ, redemption in bleeding
You won't hear it now, you didn't listen then
And yet, we're called "intolerant"
Now, and we're judged again, subjugation
Now, and we're judged again, forced back down
An allotted paragraph for a time to take attack
On what we think, on what we sing, and now it's blatant labeling
Vilified in outline with a bias for malign
All those thoughts, no open minds
Tearing down, a foundation
Calling out, for a reasoning
Staring down, with blood red eyes
Falling out, with those poisoned lies
Track Name: (Inside Parentheses)
Why have we become so blind?
The fear of looking deep inside
Feeble minds must crawl
A vocal judgment slashed
Another tear has crashed
On this heart has caused all pain
One can hide a tear
The other cries in fear
Blood's bleeding from the eyes
Bleeding from the eyes
I know you want it right this time
What you say, turns away
You've shown me how to live this life
We need you, don't let me stray
Throw a word in the air
As it's thrown back to you
Reflecting your heart
It comes back to your eyes
Eyes are burned
Minds can't learn
Don't say a word this time
Never say it is fine
Never right
Throw the cards, they're trashed
All the hearts are smashed
In a crying world displayed
He would bear our tears
Sins just sits in smears
Cleansing our souls 'till we die
Our souls 'till we die
Let me wash away this time
Leave me to gather what is mine
Track Name: A Good Day Under Glass
Vigilance, discretion, yet there was crimson poured at Calvary
A flash of light, as Christ is raised, freedom rings in salvation
Some days diversions thrive and we glance at dark ground and selfish lives
At these times we've lost our way
The sky is clear but I can't see all things, all plans you have for me
It is just one kiss away...
Let's say the things we never said and not be afraid of hurting
We'll dream the dreams we thought were dead and take a step of faith
It's a good day under glass
Reflection refined by what's inside
The weather outside is moving past
Endure, straight forward, from here
I choose to live life born again, I won't be afraid of falling
We'll make a difference in the end, through this step of faith
A blatant vow of love, a promise from our loving Lord above
The shining warmth that's felt through glass
It's not a sheltered life, it's just the comfort felt in living right
It is just one kiss away...
Here we see a better way, a blameless path of faith
The battle has begun, but the war is already won
Christ is here with me and I can wait for all the storms to pass away
Track Name: Six Hours to Phoenix
It's the thought that counts, but what's inside your mind?
The soundtrack of my heart is just a broken record of my life
Drowning flowers saved, worn out ticket stubs
Memories all stuffed inside a box of someone else's love
The desert sky is burning
This heat is going to kill me here and I know when you're near I'm dying
Although we sit in silence
The sound of nothing is as painful as to face each day without you
And with that I'm branded, the burning singe of heartache
You've written, I've listened, the ink has dried from your pen, only God knows the end
Dying slowly, waiting quickly, I have missed this moment clearly
Patient now, waiting here, I now know...the time is near
I've waited for this moment
And now I see the wait for you is just a wait that should be lifted
I'm listening like Malchus
I tried to pay attention but it cost too much and now I am broke
Burning, heartache
Drowning, silence
I'm waiting, keep praying, and listen for wisdom
Track Name: Hiyayda Martian 3.0 Gold
All the games we're playing, although we hate the rules
I think it's time they're broken
I'm sick of all the checklists, to check and see if she still cares
I guess I'll wait three days to call
Let's leave tonight and drive until...daylight
All the way to New York, to a new town
Poughkeepsie, here we...go
Let's leave tonight and pack all the useless lines I would have said to you
And maybe you'd say, "I just want to be with you."
The ways we're always acting, pretending we don't care
Although you mean so much to me
I want you to know, this time that things will be okay
And I want you to know, I have a crush on you
Let's leave tonight and drive until...daylight
All the way to New York, to a new town
Poughkeepsie, here we...go
Let's leave tonight and pack all the useless lines I would have said to you
Because if you're here with me, and God's here with us, that's all that counts
That's all that counts, when life moves fast, that's all that counts
I think this way of thinking, to try and live it, with truth prevailing, Lord your will
Let's go there, let's go tonight
That's all that counts

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